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Thanks so much for taking action on Bill-44.

The good news is that all of us who spoke out, who contacted their MLAs, who spread the word – we helped to stop it! In the end, Pallister prorogued the legislative session, and that means that all bills on the table died at the end of the session. (There’s an important question here, and we don’t have the answer: Why, since he had a majority government, did Pallister prorogue the session?)

The not-so-good news? We expect that Bill-44 will either come back as a different number, or its component parts will be spread across several other bills. The new bill(s) may include additional material and may make incremental movement on various contentious issues. So we’ll have to pay close attention!

In the meantime, please remind your MLA that you–along with 52% of Manitobans–value the PUB’s impartial, third-party oversight role. Let them know that you don’t want the government to take away any part of the PUB’s role, and you don’t want the government setting rates on its own.

This is especially important as we hear the recent news from the government concerning a 2.9% mandated hydro rate hike coming right before Christmas.

“This is very sneaky, very underhanded, and it just is plain wrong to make life more expensive in Manitoba during a recession in a pandemic that has harmed so many families.” – Wab Kinew  CTV News article 

Please stay tuned for more, and let us know if you read or hear anything that we should be aware of!