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Give your MLA the message - stay out of CETA!

Posted by Winnipeg Chapter on February 11, 2012 at 10:50 PM

Please call the Premier and your MLA and tell them to keep Manitoba out of C.E.T.A.

You can choose to read the main points below, to comment yourself on those points, to read one of the comments that correlate to the points or to read them all. The important thing is to call MLAs. Make sure their voice mail is FULL Monday morning!

You may refer them to or for more information.

Hi my name is _______. I am calling to tell you that C.E.T.A. (the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement between the EU and Canada) would be a bad deal for Manitobans. It's an unfair trade deal, made behind closed doors, that will be devastating to communities throughout Manitoba and jeopardize our standard of living for generations to come.

Main points

If C.E.T.A. is signed it will:

  1. threaten our democracy by putting corporate rights first

  2. open public services to bids by huge multinationals and lead to privatization - Canada’s drinking water and wastewater services are particularly at risk 

  3. threaten local job creation and “buy-local” policies

cause Canadian prescription drug costs to skyrocket by at least $2.8 billion each year, 79.8 million in MB alone

  5. allow big corporations to challenge environmental regulations 

Quick comments that correlate to the points above.


A corporation's right to do business and make profit will come before our rights as people. For instance, accessible, affordable, clean drinking water for people will be secondary to the corporation's right to own and sell that water.

  2. Because water services will be open to bidding by corporations, there will be enormous pressure to turn water into a commodity instead of a human right, and to contract with companies like Veolia to sell our water to us.

  3. A venture like Diversity Foods at University of Winnipeg would not be possible under CETA. Diversity provides top quality meals from locally sourced fresh food, supporting local farmers; they have a successful program of hiring and training new Canadians and aboriginals. But if the contract for university food services comes up once CETA is signed, the university would have to open it to bidding from all EU and Canadian corporations and choose the lowest bidder - even if that meant pre-packaged microwave meals shipped across the ocean.

  4. Pharmaceutical companies are supposed to spend at least 10% of yearly revenue on research, but they still only spend 6%. Extending their patents isn't going to pay for research and development costs – it’s paying for advertising, lobbying of government and bloated executive salaries.

  5. If a corporation thinks that they were not able to bid on a contract because of provincial or even municipal government policies for requirements (such as green energy) that the corporation couldn't meet, the corporation can take the government through a dispute settlement process. They'll get their money, and elected government will lose its ability to make policies stick.

Find your MLA

Honourable Greg Selinger • Premier
Phone: 945-3714
Fax: 949-1484
Constituency: 237-9247

Honourable Steve Ashton • Minister of Infrastructure and Transportation
Phone: 945-3723
Fax: 945-7610

Honourable Dave Chomia • Minister of Innovation, Energy and Mines
Phone: 945-5356
Fax: 948-2692

Honourable Gord Mackintosh • Minister of Conservation and Water Stewardship
Phone: 945-3370
Fax: 948-3586 Constituency:582-1550

Honourable Eric Robinson • Deputy Premier
• Minister of Aboriginal and Northern Affairs
Phone: 945-3719
Fax: 945-8374

Honourable Ron Lemieux • Minister of Local Government
Phone: 945-3788
Fax: 945-1383

Honourable Stan Struthers • Minister of Finance
Phone: 945-3952
Fax: 945-6057

Honourable Nancy Allan  • Minister of Education
Phone: 945-3720
Fax: 945-1291

Honourable Jim Rondeau • Minister of Healthy Living, Seniors and Consumer Affairs
Phone: 945-1373
Fax: 948-2703

Honourable Peter Bjornson • Minister of Entrepreneurship, Training and Trade
Phone: 945-0067
Fax: 945-4882

Honourable Christine Melnick • Minister of Immigration and Multiculturalism
Phone: 945-1133
Fax: 948-2684

Honourable Theresa Oswald • Minister of Health
Phone: 945-3731
Fax: 945-0441

Honourable Kerri Irvin-Ross • Minister of Housing and Community Development
Phone: 945-6190
Fax: 945-1491

Honourable Andrew Swan • Minister of Justice and Attorney General
Fax: 945-2517

Honourable Jennifer Howard • Minister of Family Services and Labour
• Government House Leader
Phone: 945-4173
Fax: 945-5149

Honourable Flor Marcelino • Minister of Culture, Heritage and Tourism
Phone: 945-3729
Fax: 945-5223

Honourable Erin Selby • Minister of Advanced Education and Literacy
Phone: 945-0825
Fax: 948-2216

Honourable Kevin Chief • Minister of Children and Youth Opportunities
Phone: 945-1133
Fax: 948-2519

Honourable Ron Kostyshyn • Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives
Phone: 945-3722
Fax: 945-347

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