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NEB Energy East hearing process survey

Posted by Winnipeg Chapter on July 24, 2017 at 8:30 PM

The National Energy Board is asking for public feedback on their Energy East hearing process. Anyone can submit answers to the survey questions after completing a simple and quick registration.

Here is the survey website

This is a great opportunity to once again tell the NEB how dangerous the pipeline will be. Here in Winnipeg, we are still deeply concerned about the contamination risk to the aqueduct and to the many other rural drinking water supplies.

According to the NEB website, the results will be used to help the Board design a better hearing process.

“A team of four Board Members, who are independent from the Hearing Panel, will gather the comments into a report. This report will be filed on the official record for the Hearing Panel to consider as they design the hearing process.”

Here we have listed the questions and some suggested answers. Feel free to address your own concerns in your own words too!

QUESTION 1. Are there any local values, perspectives or concerns that the NEB should be aware of to design the hearing process?

Suggested Answers:

Much of the length of the Winnipeg aqueduct and many other rural drinking water supplies are in danger of contamination from an oil spill from the Energy East pipeline. The direction of groundwater flow adds to the always-present concern about leaks. Much of the area crossed by the pipeline is swampy.

QUESTION 2. Do you have any comments regarding the NEB hearing process and/or matters of particular interest within the Board’s mandate of the Energy East and Eastern Mainline hearing that you think the Panel should consider?

Suggested Answers:

The Board should consider…

... the domino effect that could occur if a natural gas line in the same corridor as the conversion portion of the Energy East line explodes. A gas line explosion could potentially rupture and ignite the oil line.

...measures to investigate and mitigate riverbank instability such as the situation which caused the Husky Oil spill in 2016.

...complete acknowledgement and discussion of systemic problems: sulfur management of bitumen and sour oil, emissions from hydrocarbon processing plants, and upstream and downstream greenhouse gas emissions.


....upgrading current Commenters to Intervenors if they originally applied to be Intervenors because of climate concerns

QUESTION 3. What are the barriers (if any) that currently impact your ability to participate in the hearing process?

Suggested Answers:

I applied to be an official participant (Intervenor or Commenter), but I wasn’t accepted because of the restrictions. I think all Canadians are directly affected by increased fossil fuel and pipeline development. All Canadians should be able to participate in the hearing.

I wanted to apply to be an official participant, but the application process was too intimidating and complicated.

Finding up-to-date information on pipelines is difficult, and too much of it is never made public. For instance, I recently heard that the NEB is allowing pipeline companies to keep repair locations secret.

I would like to see frequent plain-english communication from the NEB about pipeline projects and current issues.

QUESTION 4. If the NEB offered issue-specific workshops, what issue(s) would you most like to explore?

Suggested Answers:

I’d like to find out details of plans to protect water and water crossings.

I’d like to find out details of emergency response plans for measuring toxic fumes and protecting first responders and citizens when toxic fumes are present.

QUESTION 5. How could Expanded Engagement Board Members best engage Canadians regarding the Energy East project? (e.g., organization of regional meetings or online engagement activities)

Suggested Answers:


I would like the NEB to provide…

... public online access to complete responses to Information Requests, press releases, and news. as well as an easy front page index to find the information.  

...ongoing collation of Information Requests and responses into plain english explanations

...regular interactive webinars to help citizens fully understand issues and technical information

Some helpful resources:

Energy East Pipeline in Manitoba: Avenues for Action

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NEB  Energy East Process Survey

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