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Posted by Winnipeg Chapter on October 6, 2010 at 10:10 PM

When a candidate for city council or mayor comes to your door or when you see them at your local forum, we encourage you to ask them these relevant questions.


Increased transparency was one of the main reasons given for involving a private partner and moving to a Municipal Corporate Utility (MCU) model for the wastewater treatment plant upgrades, but now we’re told that details of the 30 year wastewater treatment contract with a disreputable multinational corporation can’t be shared due to private third party business interests. If elected how would you ensure that councillors and citizens have adequate information to make effective decisions and would you need to see the contract, a detailed business plan - or - do you agree with Councillor Russ Wyatt's comments at the May 19 Council meeting that you just must have; quote “faith in our staff who have done their due diligence.”?

Lakes and Rivers

The health of our lakes and rivers is very important to the people that swim, play and fish in them. What is your long tern vision to ensure future generations will be able to enjoy clean and healthy waterways throughout the province and what process or strategies would you put in place to realize that vision?

Urban Sprawl

Several delegations appearing in front of the EPC and Council argued that the creation of a new municipal utility which has yet to be approved by the province which seeks profits by selling services outside the city of Winnipeg would enable businesses and residents outside the city of Winnipeg to free-ride on services paid for by higher taxed Winnipeggers leading to urban sprawl and a further hollowing out of the city core. How do you recommend City Council act to prevent this from happening?



Given that Winnipeg’s budget has higher expenditures then revenue and is only “balanced” due to the city selling off assets, how do you see Winnipeg getting out of this structural deficit - and - will you commit yourself to clear and transparent budgets that make all tax and fee hikes explicit?

Flat Water Use Rates

The City of Winnipeg Waste and Water Department water rates had three rate tiers with heavy users paying less per unit of water. Given that a responsible city government should want to promote water conservation, we should not allow large users to pay less and use more. If elected will you commit to changing this policy and adopt a flat water rate?

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Please come out to vote on WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 27th

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